Start 2020 Securing the bag... with the teaching, support and accountability you need to uplevel your business and life!

Are you frustrated by your wealth management skills? Frustrated and fed up with earning all that you can and feeling like there's holes in your pockets?  

Tired of putting off your goals of home ownership, starting a business or even a family...because of your finances?  

Keep reading because I have a solution to all of your concerns about creating prosperity.  

I'll show you my proven approach and how you can join our wealth building community of women who are breaking down barriers and achieving their financial goals through, education, empowerment and accountability.  

It's time we stop allowing financial uncertainty, money mishaps and mounting debt hold us back from living our dream life. 

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Only 1 in 5 women feel capable of making wise financial decisions. 

Despite the fact that women hold 30% of global wealth and control $18.4 trillion in consumer spending, We're still are not being taken seriously when it comes to money management and investments. (SIGH). Studies show that women are often talked down to, when they go to visit their financial advisors. Or are treated as if they are incapable of making good money decisions. As a result we walk away without the education and information or support needed to succeed financially. 

Scarce financial empowerment for women is a problem...

This isn’t just a personal problem, this is a problem for our families, for our society, for our communities.  

We need to be empowered so that we can educate our own children how to build wealth and carry on a rich legacy.  

We need to feel supported and confident in our investment decisions. We need to feel included, seen and heard…taken seriously when we step up to the table, ready to make major money moves!  

It doesn’t matter that we control the purse strings…We’re still at a disadvantage Because of...

  • A lack of strong role models in the financial arena.  
  • The lack of access to wealth-building information...(It took me 15 years of pressing in to unlock the secrets)  
  • You don’t know what you don’t know, you’re not even aware of what to read or where to go to find real wealth building resources.

The system is NOT designed to empower you to build wealth…there are so few accessible resources for women like us which is exactly why I created the Women and Wealth Community! 

Join An International Network of Empowered Women Obsessed with Living and Manifesting A Wealthy Mindset and Lifestyle

The Women and Wealth Club is an organization for women seeking financial empowerment through education, information, collaboration and mentorship. 

This Club is for you if...

  • Your income is inconsistent, and you want to build a nest egg and maintain lucrative stable lifestyle
  • You’re doing pretty good financially but you want to increase your income and not sure exactly how to do that. 
  • ​You’re curious about building long-lasting wealth and clueless on how to start. 
  • ​You’ve dabbled in investments but want to make confident decisions for long term wealth accumulation. 
  • You have a desire to live an amazing life of purpose, peace and prosperity. 

When u grow your courage to succeed you and also grow your cash flow your money grows in large proportions  


There is nothing more frustrating than having some money…but NOT ENOUGH money to live your dream life. 

Is this YOU?

You're tired of the ups and downs of the financial roller coaster? You just want to take your family on a nice vacation without skipping bill payments. You want to pay for your children’s education without struggle or stress… You want the FREEDOM to invest in yourself and pursue your purpose! You want Financial Freedom!  

Let me tell you... I feel You! 

  • I know what it feels like to be stuck in a cycle where you make more money and there's still nothing left over.  
  • I've felt the sting of not being able to afford to do the things I enjoy.  
  • As you get older and your financial circumstance doesn’t change start getting anxious and staying up late at night worrying about your financial future.  
  • I also know how relieved and exciting it can be to have someone one guide you and open up opportunities for prosperity.  

When you have someone supporting you and showing you the way...Your earning potential is unlimited.  

What if I told you there is a way to multiply your income that doesn’t require you getting a new job? Would you be interested?  

What if you could make an appointment and meet with experts that can multiply your portfolio to millions? Would you be interested?  

If you resonated with anything you've just read…You’re ready for your next Level. You’re ready for your first-class ticket to financial freedom.  

The Women and Wealth Club is a one-of-a-kind coaching experience where Ariana and I provide prosperity and purpose coaching to women who desire financial empowerment through education, information, collaboration and mentorship.  

Our Members are experiencing tremendous financial breakthroughs each month!  

I went looking for a financial program that was NOT encouraging you to give up your Starbucks to be rich one day.  

I was searching for a program that would teach you how to upgrade your mindset to a wealth mentality, accepting abundance as yours.  

I wanted a program that would show you first-hand how the rich keeps getting richer….live longer and longer…  

I looked high and low…and realized that this club DID NOT exist.  

When I saw that there was nothing else on the market teaching you health, wealth, and mindset…I decided to create this special opportunity!  

I knew it was time to pull back the curtains and show you the secrets of the other side…The information that you’d only know if you were inside the wealthy circle.  

During our first year collectively, our group has generated over $5 Million dollars in assets.  

If you want to know how to solve your money problems…Join the Women and Wealth club!  

We’ll show you how to eliminate $2000, $3000 or even $5000 problems.  

We have the inspiration and information you need to level up right now.  

Sign up today to get immediate access to the support, coaching and accountability that has helped many women just like you get on the path to becoming financially free and fulfilled.  

Our Next Live mentorship mastermind is happening soon.  

Can't wait to see you there! 


JOIN NOW! REGISTRATION ONLY $997 registration and $47/mo 

Monthly Subscription $47/mo, starting 30 days after enrollment. 


Monthly Live Community Coaching: Every month we dive deep into cultivating a wealth mindset and how to live a luxurious life! I teach our community live each month on building a foundation for success in every area of life. The informaiton you learn will uplevel you instantly once implemented. 

Wealth and lifestyle Coaching: There's no shortage of teachings here! In addition to our live session, you get acceess to full classes on various wealth and lifestyle topics. You'll learn: Credit Repair, Wealth Building Techniques, How to Set up a portfolio, securing a finacial legacy for years to come and much more!

Our Empowering Community is here for you! : Burning Questions? Need to make a big descision alone? Looking for some feedback? You officially have like-minded women there for you, 24/7. In our Exclusive Telegram Group my team and I will be fostering a thriving community that is here to serve you!  

Monthly Action Set List: You will be challenged to put into action everything you're learning. Expect help with Motivation, Self Awareness and and Progress Tracking.

FINANCIAL EXPERT INTERVIEWS: I've opened up our Women and Wealth community to my personal network of prosperity experts to enhance your lifestyle in every way possible. You'll learn about the latest money trends from Financial Experts; You'll learn how to prolong your life from Celebrity Doctors; plus more!

LIFESTYLE MENTORSHIP: There's so much to wealth besides making money. The WWCC teaches you want to do with all the money you make and how to make your money work for you. If you've looked around and felt like you don't know where your money went...this club is for you. It's time you started expressing a beautiful life and enjoying the fruit of your labor. 

You are talented and smart enough to accomplish anything you want.  

But sometimes your self-doubt sabotages you from the success you deserve.  

Wouldn't You agree it's time to invest in YOURSELF. So that you can live your best life now?

Meet Your Coaches

Dr. Stacia Pierce

As a best-selling author, award-winning business and life coach, and serial entrepreneur... I've dedicated my life to helping ordinary women live extraordinary lives. 

For the past few years, I've felt impressed to create a special space where women and learn, grow and uplevel their life from the inside out. 

The last ten years, I have coached several people to build million dollar businesses, but my clients were asking for more...How can live the life of dreams? I feel like I still haven't made it even though the numbers are there...I want to embrace a higher wealth mentality. How do I make my money work for me???

The Women and Wealth Club is the answer! It is a coaching community designed to help all women raise their money quotient, attract more wealth, create a financial legacy, learn how to live a luxurious life. 

I am giving you 40 years of expertise in wealth and home building to live an extraordinary life. Join us on this amazing journey! 

Ariana Pierce

Ariana is a beauty business guru that has mastered social media to garners sales. The beauty guru currently runs Superstar Nail Lacquer and Style Shoppe, an online accessories company. Both product lines have adorned A-list celebrities at award shows and in motion pictures. Now, Ariana is creating a serious buzz with her new travel accessories and travel journal. With only one social media mention, thousands of passport cases were sold out in a day! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I get when I join Women and Wealth Coaching Club?

  • Monthly Live Mentorship Calls with Stacia. 
  • Interviews with Industry Experts on Wealth and Lifestyle
  • Insider's only resource center filled with success tools.
  • Complete Action list assignments every month.
  • Access to private group
  • Millionaire Book Wealth and Reading Club
  • much more. 

What should I Expect when I sign up? 

When you register, you'll get a welcome email with a link to join our private group and other important information. You will also receive an second email with a link to login to our private resource center where you can immediately listen to previous lessons. 

What if I can't Make a Live Session?

All of our video sessions are recorded and will be available to view within 24 hours of the live session. You can watch them any time, 24/7.

When will I be charged the monthly subscription?

Initial registration of $997 is due when you first sign up. Then you'll be charged $47/month for 12 months, starting 30 days after initial sign up. 

Can I pay annually? Is there a discount?

Yes. You save an additional $100 on Annual subscriptions.You can register at the annual rate of: $1464 (save $100)

Got More Billing Questions? 

Call us at 888-484-7543 with your questions or to order over the phone. 

Will I learn How to Grow my business in this club?

While you will get awesome financial increase information, the WWSC is about wealth attraction, building your portfolio and money management. 

We have a seperate business coaching program, if you are interested. Give us a call or email us.  

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Two VIP Tickets to the Women's Success Conference. (Value $3000) 

Two VIP Tickets to the Women's Success Conference. (Value $3000) 

Special Member's only Success Key! When you pay in full

Members enjoy special discounts on courses and success tools from

You'll Get...

  • 2 VIP TICKETS to The Women's Success Conference ($3000) 
  • Monthly Live Mentorship Calls with Stacia. ($2497)
  • Interviews with Industry Experts on Wealth and Lifestyle ($2497)
  • Insider's only resource center filled with success tools. ($2497) 
  • Complete Action list assignments every month. ($1200)
  • Access to private coaching club ($997) 
  • Millionaire Wealth and Reading Club ($497)
  • Up to 50% off Select items in store ($500) 
  • Millionaire Mindshift Secrets Cours ($1497)
  • Pay In Full Bonus: Gold Success Key ($45) 

Total Value: $15,227

Sign up today for a small fraction of the total value. It's a steal of a deal! 

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Pay only $997 now and in 30 days you'll be charged $47/month as long as you are a member. You can cancel anytime. Initial registration is non-refundable. 


Annual Subscription

$1561 $1461

Don't like monthly payments? Me neither...I always pay in full. Since, you're like me and want to pay your subscription annually, You'll also get an additional $100 off when you a pay in full.